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About Us

Gain Global is a network of action oriented supporters, investors and partners, commited to empowering starters in their journey to initiating new enterprises.

Why To Join

If you would like to initiate and/or be a part of a local network that has a global impact, bringing together like-minded contributors who are supporting new startups, this is the right place to start.


The purpose of this network is to enhance the investment opportunities of its members, by providing forums for considering opportunities, by facilitating education for members, and by assisting in the formation, development, structuring and funding operation of early stage projects and companies. Especially, focus of the Network will be to support projects that use JCI Active Citizen Framework during their project planning and those who pass trough Global Youth Empowernment Fund process.

The core mission of GAIN Global is,
raising awareness in the field of entrepreneurship and creating an environment to facilitate transformation of business ideas into thriving companies through collaboration.

GAIN Global values are;
• Innovative
• Reliable
• Friendly
• Collaborative
• Sustainable


The network will initially target to set up 20 National Networks in 200 Local Communities and 20.000 Members, with a commitment of investing to project/companies per network each year.

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